Follow Up To “Recruiting is an Endurance Sport”

It is June 14th, the Monday after the Le Mans race.  As you start you work week I wanted to share with you my closing thoughts about “Recruiting is an Endurance Sport.” 

This past weekend, Audi completed 397 laps to cross the finish line ahead of all others, and took back the Le Mans trophy.  Audi now hold nine wins out of the last eleven Le Mans races.  What makes this more astonishing then the winning, are the incredible odds they faced going into this weekend’s race. 

Over the past two years Audi’s competitors copied Audi’s design, hired better drivers and some would say, even attempted to gain the competitive edge through alternative means at the beginning of this year’s race. Audi did what they do best, and got back to basics (innovation, strategy, commitment and teamwork).  These basics let Audi close out the noise from the talking heads and focus on winning.  This focus secured the win and allowed them the opportunity of breaking the distance record!

As we look forward into the coming years as Recruitment Professionals, we too are going to be faced with what seems like insurmountable challenges.  How we face and take on those challenges will continue to define us as leaders in our industry. 

To do this you must focus on your core strengths, close out the market noise and have the passion to keep going, as your competitors fall out of the race one by one. 

Do you know what your core strengths are?

Have a great week!!!

Rebecca B. Sargeant               

Recruiter’s Career Coach


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