Recruiting is an Endurance Sport

Even if you happen to know nothing about motorsport, as recruitment professionals, you will be able to appreciate endurance racing as it is one form of motorsport that truly illustrates what it takes to be a top performer in any respective industry. 

Endurance racing is meant to test the durability of equipment and the stamina of its participants.  On June 12, 2010 at 3pm, one of the most grueling tests of endurance will begin; 24 Hours of Le Mans.  The course is an 8.46 mile circuit comprised of closed public roads with high speed sweepers, tight curves and long straights.  In addition to challenging a car’s design, it challenges the team’s ability to work under extreme pressure for a 24 hour period. 

To win the 24 Hour of Le Mans once is a miracle, but Audi has won seven out of the last nine years by leaving nothing to chance.  By examining and applying their technique to our daily activities, we can quickly move out of our competitors’ reach and become leaders in the recruitment industry. 

Audi has a long history of entering and immediately dominating all forms of racing.  To do this they rely on their core foundation of innovation, strategy, commitment and teamwork. 

Applying innovation to their understanding “noise is friction and thus a waste of energy,” Audi built the R10 race car.  The R10 is a diesel, a 650 horsepower beast that never made a peep.  Energy not wasted as noise is made into power.  How much noise are you and or your team creating without generating income?  What processes can you put in place to decrease the friction and create momentum?

Being critical and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of themselves and their competitors, Audi built a strategy that enabled them to push their competition to, and past, the breaking point.  Keeping the drivers in the car twice as long as their competitors and staying out of the pits, Audi forced their competition to run the race at the pace Audi set.  This strategy made their competitors weaker with every lap.  Do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of yourself and your competitors?  What strategies have you developed to control your future?

Talk to any Audi owner and you will quickly determine that they happen to be the most committed car owner you will ever meet.  Audi fan clubs can be found in every part of the country.  Most of the virtual clubs have at least one yearly meet up that will often include over 500 participants and their Audi’s.  This creates a support base that not only encourages the team but provides a pool to draw from.  Audi takes great pride in hiring individuals that are passionate about the automotive industry.  This commitment directly translates to their ability to work longer and harder hours than their competitors.  Combine their commitment with innovation and you have a team of individuals that will always be looking to improve the process so they can make things happen.  What are you doing to surround yourself with people who are committed to improving both processes and revenue potential? 

Just like the cars, Audi’s teams are well oiled machines.  When it comes to hiring – it’s simple: Audi will only hire the best and surround those individuals with the best.   Each individual clearly understands each other’s roles and rely on their abilities to get the job done. These simple practices keep the team challenged and engaged on all levels.  Who keeps you motivated on your team? Who do you motivate?

The Audi team knows that luck has nothing to do with success.  Knowing you are the best, making the correct preparations, scrutinizing the risks you are taking and staying out of the pits is not luck. It’s the hard work you need to do to win the long race.   As a Recruitment Professional what are you doing to ensure the same long term success Audi has enjoyed for decades?

What are you doing to put YOUR team on top of the podium?


Rebecca B. Sargeant               

Recruiter’s Career Coach


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