As a Headhunter What Are Your Bad Habits Costing You?

Of course you can see everyone else’s bad habits but, are you willing to take control of your own bad habits to increase your productivity and ensure your success?

As Headhunters we know that up to 90 percent of individuals normal behavior is based on their daily habits. This is why we invest so much time and effort into assessing candidates’ basic habits. 

As we read though resumes and interview individuals, Headhunters make an art out of uncovering, identify and evaluate everyone else’s good and bad practices.   When put to the test we can assist candidates to refine good habits to become great ones, while adjusting the bad habits to become better ones. 

Uncovering to correcting habits is a fairly easy process when applied outward on to candidates.  Applying that same process inward on yourself, you suddenly realize this is not a fun game anymore.  The reward of applying the process inward is the opportunity to truly take control of your own success and dramatically improve your productivity. 

The habits we have today came on slowly and you are going to need to take the time and provide yourself the patience and forgiveness to replace the old habits with new ones.  They say it takes 21 days to instill a new habit.  If the habit is truly ingrained it will take longer but it will get easier with each passing day. 

Just like taking a new job order you wouldn’t begin submitting candidates without a lot of detail.  Take the same time and care when changing a habit.  Set an hour aside to think about what habit you would like to change and why. This will lead you to the NEW habit you are going to put in place and the benefits of utilizing that new habit. Once you understand the new habit, develop an action plan to incorporate it into your daily life.  By taking the time and following these steps you will enable yourself to stay the course while changing a habit that has been long since ingrained in your brain. 

Personally I have always joked about the fact that my worst habit is “I don’t do detail.”  As a Headhunter working for someone else this habit offered me a certain level of success.  As the owner of a boutique agency I have learned the hard way that this habit quickly becomes the root evil of everything that can go wrong.  By taking the time to replace this habit with “I only do detail” I am learning to slow things down and focus on ensuring my own success. 

Remember you can always turn a negative consequence into a positive reward if you are willing to do the hard work and change your OWN habits.

For more information on changing habits the following links may be helpful:—5-Simple-Steps-for-Changing-a-Habit&id=71021


One response to “As a Headhunter What Are Your Bad Habits Costing You?

  1. Good article. Timely reminders! Thank you.

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