As a Headhunter who is representing you?

As the market reaches another tipping point. Staffing Agencies are flooded with orders, while clients have become more savvy about how they spend their recruiting dollars. As a Headhunter you are caught in the middle and have some interesting opportunities to choose from.

All day everyday we coach and mentor our candidates but, when it comes to our own careers we look in the mirror and hope for the best. Going back to the old adage, “A man who represents himself has a fool for a client and a fool for a lawyer.” The question really comes down to who is your talent agent?

Recruiter for Recruiters or better known in the UK as “Rec to Rec” has been largely offered in the UK and USA markets. Just recently have we seen some companies start to corner the market here in Canada. Just like ANY other staffing agency each of these organizations has their own personalities. These personalities will of course drive the type of clients they have and the opportunities they can offer you. A reputable Rec to Rec company will take the time to discover your needs and wants before presenting you with anything. This of course will take time and patience on your part. As Headhunters we sometimes lack the patience to go through the process we preach to our candidates’ everyday. Of course, the time you take now to uncover your wants and needs will ensure your career durability while increasing your net worth in the coming years. Your Talent Agent will understand this and do their best to keep you on track – let them!

By developing a long standing relationship with your Talent Agent they will be coaching you on your career. Sometimes that means just letting you bend their ear on a bad day. 

As our market comes back on line you will be seeing more and more of these Rec to Rec organizations. Take your time, find the one that matches your personality so you can ensure your own success as a Headhunter in the coming years. 

Rebecca B. Sargeant

For more information about “Rec to Rec” companies please contact me at


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