I always begin my sourcing training with a very important question: What is a recruiter?

I always get the same answers; “They put out job ads” or “They help fulfill business goals“, “The help with career advancement.

While this isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s not the answer that I have in mind.

Recruiters build companies. Recruiters fill your company with human assets.

Recruiters are experts when it comes to human capital. They can tell you exactly what you need and where you’re over-encumbered when it comes to staff.

Recruiters can look at a business and tell leaders where they’re lacking in human capital. What sectors of business do you need to develop? Are your managers ineffective? Are you smothering your top producers, or undervaluing your experts? To put it simply, recruiters develop the workforce. They add value to your business in the form of talent.

As a headhunter, I’m not looking to put people to work, I’m looking to boost production and build your business. My interest is in adding top talent to your company and building you from the top to the bottom. My interest is making you money by creating a workforce that is above all else, productive.

If I come in and simply fill your job order, but you’re having the same problem retaining that talent I haven’t solved your problem, but simply bandaged it. When I place someone with a business, I want that person to add value and affect your bottom line positively.

Recruiting is business development.